Best way to get PDFs from Safari into DEVONthink

When I’m logged into my bank’s website, I can click a button to view a statement, and the statement (which is already a PDF document) opens in a new tab in Safari.

I want to import five years worth of monthly statements, which means 60 PDF files. I want them to go into a group called “Banking.”

I can save them to my “DEVONthink Import” folder on my desktop, and they will be automatically imported into the Inbox. Then I have to manually move them to the Banking group.

Is there a better way to do this?

Here’s a thread on this, although it talks more about Firefox. It’s got the way that I do it in Safari.

Edit: Thanks to korm for reminding me I forgot the link.

Alan - thread please?

My normal Import > Destination Setting is “Select Group” – which makes DEVONthink prompt me for a location when I drop files on the Dock icon. So, that is one method of getting files to their proper destination.

If you are downloading files from a website (or saving an email attachment, etc.), usually your browser prompts for a destination, and so the Dock icon is not available. In this case, I have a folder I named “Inbox with Prompt” to which I’ve assigned the “DEVONthink - Import to Selected Group” folder action. I’ve put that folder in the Finder sidebar, which makes it available for all file saving dialogs. When a document is added to that folder, then DEVONthink prompts me for the destination just as it does when I drop a file on the Dock icon.

Thanks, Alan.

I found enough information in that thread to solve my problem! (I’ll be adding some comments to that thread that might be useful to anyone else having the same problem.)