Best way to move an imported file to being indexed?


I have several files that were originally imported into DT Personal (using 2.0.5) that I would like to move off to a network drive (which is indexed). What’s the best way to do this - I want to still have the file be found in DT and indexed.


Export the file. Index the folder on the network drive. Or index the exported file. Delete the older file in DT.

Okay then, that’s pretty much the way I knew, didn’t know if there was a shortcut.


If the entire folder on the drive is indexed in the database, then you just need to export, or drag, the documents out of DEVONthink and delete the originals. Any tags associated with the documents will still be recognized for the indexed documents.

There is a synchronize script available with DEVONthink that is helpful to attach to the group in the database, and any time you select that group the index is updated. Makes it very handy for adding indexed documents automatically.

Scripts are only available for Pro and Pro Office, right? I’m Personal, although I have thought about upgrading.

Would there be any other benefit to having Pro, like putting the network drive indexed files in their own database? Would that help me somehow?


All versions support AppleScript but some differences are mentioned on the Feature Comparison page.

The Features page shows that only Pro and Pro Office support AppleScript. Is there something I’m missing?

Nope; my mistake. The first reference to AppleScripts, that all versions support, is under Supported File Types. What’s under Advanced Features is relevant to your question that I incorrectly answered. Sorry.