Best way to move from iCloud Kit sync to Bonjour?


I have been using iCloud Kit for syncing between my two Macs, iPhone, and iPad for several years. The flakiness has gotten worse, not better. So I’d like to move to Bonjour sync.

What’s the best way to transition? I want to make sure I don’t lose anything in the process.


No transition required as sync methods are independent.
You can disable the CloudKit sync then read up in the In & Out > Sync section of the built-in Help and manual.
You can also read…

Thank you @BLUEFROG, this was incredibly easy to set up!

Two follow-on questions that I don’t see answered in the manual (which I could have missed)…

  • I have a database on the server Mac that I do not want to sync. Is there a way to prevent that database from being available over Bonjour?

  • Is there a way to clean up my many gigabytes of storage on iCloud Kit?


You’re welcome.

  • Sync is always optional. Don’t want a certain database to sync, don’t enable syncing it. But, no you can’t hide it from being visible to other syncing devices.

  • Control-click the CloudKit sync location and choose Clean Location. Remember DEVONthink has to talk with Apple’s servers so it won’t be instant. Check Window > Log periodically.

Okay, thanks again. That all makes sense.

Once the iCloud Kit location is cleaned, can I Remove Location?

You’re welcome and glad to be of service.
Yes, you can remove the location, if desired.

perfect, thanks again.

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