Best way to process Global Inbox?

I’m getting better at capturing docs for long term storage into DEVONthink… And love using auto classify to quickly file docs within a database.

How to I quickly move docs from the Global Inbox to the appropriate database inbox? Can I define a shortcut key?

I seem to keep a large backlog of files in the Global Inbox and would like to decrease the friction to move them accordingly.


There is no built-in mechanism to move files to other databases.

You can use Tools > Show Sorter and put it commonly used groups.
You can use the Script > Data > Move or other custom written AppleScripts.
You can use Tools > Show Groups & Tags.

Outside that, you may be able to use a utility like Keyboard Maestro to move files around.

In addition to Jim’s reply, see

which explains a script that is included with DEVONthink, but needs to first be installed and configured.