Best way to search a forum site

I’m new to DevonAgent and I’m trying to create a search set that will visit a specific forum site and return results for a key word.

I think the issue is the term may not be on the starting page of the search so I get zero results. If I use the forum search tool, I get many results.

Any pointers on how to search a forum site?



What’s the URL of the forum? If it’s indexed by Google, then a search set might be sufficient. Otherwise a new plugin would be required to use additional results pages.


How would I limit google results to only that site?


Not familar with how devonAgent changes things. Add your seach terms and the following to the search box:

And a link here:

You could create a new search set, add the URL to the “Sites” tab and switch the mode to “Search”. This will return up to 100 results, you can increase this in the “Plugins” tab.