Best way to search my Mac?

Hopefully this is appropriate for the miscellaneous section.

I have started using DEVONsphere more and it is really spectacular. I also have DEVONagent Pro.

Using this software and starting to get a tiny bit better with it has made me realize that my organization skills overall, are woefully lacking.

I would love to have a pointer or two about searching? Is using the tools I’ve listed above sufficient beyond the finder. Or should I also add something like Houdahspot or another kind of search tool.

I have Alfred and use it but it seems sort of simple. Maybe I’m not using it with all of the sophistication I could.

So just looking for some general pointers if anyone is willing.

I can’t say what the “best” way to search a Mac is since there are so many contenders. I don’t often search entire Mac, but when I do I mostly use “EasyFind” app free of cost from DEVONtechnologies.


The question is: what are you looking for?

PS: DEVONagent Pro isn’t made for searching your local machine.

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Thank you. I realize that DEVONagent Pro isn’t for searching the local machine. I use that for searching the web when I’m looking for something very specific and also when I want to do repeated searches of the same thing and when I want to see a overview which is really helpful

In this case, I want to find old files, all files really regarding a particular subject. Just thought I would ask her to see if maybe somebody had some pointers.

I will definitely try Easyfind.

Houdahspot seems ancient and there is almost nothing available about it. So I think I will stay with what I have with Easyfind now and try that.

Overall, I’m excited and beginning to understand how much better I can raise my own game of organization. Thank you guys for all you do.

I would learn the tools you have and not go looking for alternatives until you have to. I don’t follow that advice as much as I should, but it’s good advice.

If you have complex needs for search on local documents there are command line tools etc but I suspect you don’t really need anything but Alfred and maybe the DevonTech products previously mentioned.


Actually, if you’re using Spotlight – and it’s on by default on a Mac – HoudahSpot is a powerful way to do Spotlight-based searches. Definitely a great tool IMHO :heart:


Try this article: