Best way to store apps links/pages

I want to revive an old thread:

Sometimes I want to store iOS app pages in DEVONthink, like, for example

I can do the things which are discussed in the above listed thread like saving as webloc, or exporting as PDF in Safari, but particularly the PDF solution often results in black images in the PDF. So for the app I use here as example:

What do people do for app links? Any other method? Any other ideas?

Clipping a formatted note or web archive via the Sorter might be another option but actually I would recommend simple bookmarks so that the preview shows the most recent information.

What I have for now decided on doing is screen capturing the page as image in the browser (Vivaldi for example has a handy function for this), importing this in DEVONthink and then converting it to a searchable PDF.

A bit cumbersome, but all app screenshots come through and it is still searchable. :smile:

But then you have preserved the listing in a state that may change in the future, hence @cgrunenberg’s good suggestion to just add a bookmark.

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Sure, I can’t have both, either current or archival. I usually choose archival. (I’m pretty sick of the dead link phenomenon on the internet…)

You could add the URL to the screenshot and open it when necessary.

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Good idea - which I had myself as well (:dizzy_face:). OK, so that’s what I’m doing:

  1. Saved a browser capture PNG.
  2. Import it in DEVONthink.
  3. Convert it to a searchable PDF.
  4. Delete the PNG.
  5. Copy the URL and add it as the item URL of the PDF.

That make the document a nice complete item, but is quite a bit more cumbersome to create…

This is what I would do…

This yields a formatted note, converted from a bookmark.
Use Share > Copy Link on an App Store page, then Command-N to create a new bookmark in the targeted group. This will be converted into a formatted note. On the Mac, this displays as a quite accurate representation of the actual page.