Best Way to Store Word Files

Hey! I have a lot of Word documents (both .doc and .docx; >5k) that I would like to store in DT for search and research purposes. I need reliable text search and the ability to annotate (comments and highlighting).

What would be the best format to store them in? Native format or batch convert them to something else (perhaps PDF?).

Thanks as always for your great suggestions!

You can’t edit or annotate Word files in DEVONthink. However you can still open them externally in Word to do these things.

I wouldn’t convert them if you have a need to keep them in this format for other purposes.

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Thanks! I would definitely prefer editing within DT, so I guess the question now comes down to which format should I convert them to, considering my purposes.

Leaning towards PDF but have not discarded RTF. Any thoughts on this choice? Am I missing some other plausible candidate? Thx!

You can annotate but not edit a PDF, so if this matters then I’d go for rich text.

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No need to edit, so PDF it is! Thank you for your on point and quick guidance!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: