Best Way to Sync and create new databases


may be someone can help me in determine what the “right” way for creating a new database and synchronisation is.

Currently, I do the following:

  1. Setup database and sync-Store (WebDav) using DTPO 2.9.7
  2. setting up sync-Store (WebDav) on DTTG 2.0.6 (16012)
  3. create a new database in DTTG
  4. Direct sync with MAC via Bonjour
  5. Switching on sync-Store on DTTG

In the case I would do step 2 and 5 immediately, the empty database on DTTG will not sync at all and there is not an option to choose from sync-store “remote” database to import.

Any suggestions ?


  • 1. Setup database and sync-Store (WebDav) using DTPO 2.9.7
    I wouldn’t put the database on your WebDAV volume. Is it possible? Yes, but why?
    1. setting up sync-Store (WebDav) on DTTG 2.0.6 (16012)
      Setting up yet another syncStore?
  • 3. create a new database in DTTG
    Pressing the leftmost icon in DTTG2’s bottom Toolbar opens the New Document Assistant.
  • 4. Direct sync with MAC via Bonjour
    Are you intending to use multiple Sync methods? It is feasible but I’m trying to understand what you’re thinking.
  • 5. Switching on sync-Store on DTTG
    Using a syncStore with DTTG2 isn’t possible.

Have you read the built-in Help in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go 2?

Hello Thank you

The databases are on local hard drive - only the sync store is on WebDav volume.
2. setting up sync-Store (WebDav) on DTTG 2.0.6 (16012)
Setting up yet another syncStore?

No I want to link the created syncStore from DTOP to DTTG.

  1. Direct sync with MAC via Bonjour
    Are you intending to use multiple Sync methods?

Actually, no I do not. But the problem was that if I use the sync-Store the new database will not update with documents.

Usually, I create a database first and then set up the sync-Store in DTTG. Trying to sync will not do anything. That’s why I am using direct sync in order to fill the database in DTTG and switching then direct sync off and WebDav sync on.

I will try to set up sync - store first and then create a new database in DTTG.


And you can also start a Support Ticket if you need some deeper assistance on this. Cheers!

Hope this is best place to post question.
I have a new MacBook and am trying to sync with my “master” computer. DT sync worked beautifully with my previous MacAir. I’ve imported everything from old laptop.
The previous sync was direct.

The sync just runs (almost two hours now). I checked and am getting a message “Databases located in cloud folders cannot be synchronized.”

On my laptop, I have sync with my desktop checked. I can send a screenshot in case it helps. My desktop computer reads “local network” which makes it harder to understand why it’s reading the database as being in the cloud. Again, same sync setup as before.

Thanks for any help.

The error message is correct. You should never put your databases in any cloud-synced folder (including the Documents folder if you are using the disk management feature in macOS 10.12 Sierra).Never. If you have, you ​must ​relocate them immediately or you could irreparably damage them. The safest location is a folder in your Home Directory, like ​~/Databases​. If you have them in an unsafe locations, quit DEVONthink and move your databases to a new folder in your Home directory.

I know that (you actually helped when I set up new sync a while ago). That’s the strange thing. I haven’t moved any of my databases. They were syncing well just a week ago and I did not get that message before I tried syncing my new laptop.
I used to keep one in dropbox a year ago, before I realized not to. With new sync I have just kept it in my desktop computer and synced directly between that and my Air. I just checked the database properties to be sure, and, indeed my master DB is still located on my desktop.
So there is some kind of handshaking issue, I think between my new laptop and my desktop?

If you upgraded to Sierra, its disk management feature Syncs the Desktop and Documents folder to iCloud. (This is asked when you upgrade, but it’s set to On so you have to opt-out. They assume :imp: you want to put all your data in iCloud). This is not data-safe for DEVOnthink databases.

I think that must be the problem. But now there is a second order problem. When I try to move my DB from my desktop to a separate non-iCloud folder I get the message “The item “Master DT.dtBase2” can’t be moved because it has unresolved conflicts.” So I appear to be in a bit of a loop. I can’t move my DB out of my i-Cloud enabled desktop because it has conflicts; but I can’t sync it either because of it’s iCloud status. Do you have any suggestions?

This was the problem (Sierra). For others who have it, I turned off Sierra’s iCloud drive, which archived my DT DB. I then moved it from the Archive to my home folder. Synced perfectly.
Thank you Jim for help.

Thanks for the follow-up notes. It’s much appreciated. :smiley: