Best way to transport database to laptop

I have a database on a desktop computer that I need to take on the road to work on for several weeks. What’s the best way to do this? Can I put the database in dropbox and work out of it via the cloud or should I copy the entire database and move to the laptop?

I prefer a method that is as bullet-proof as possible.

I would run Scripts > Export > Backup Archive on that database. That will verify and optimize the database and produce current internal and external backups – so I know the database is in good working condition.

The archive file produced by Backup Archive is the smallest possible complete copy of my database, so it can be sent to the laptop as a single zipped file. Unzip it, and there’s my database on the laptop. (And I’ve still got a good backup on the laptop if I screw up.) Caution: If you don’t use Backup Archive, but make a Finder copy of the database to the other computer, make certain that you have closed the database before making the copy; otherwise, the copy might be incomplete or contain errors.

Yes, DropBox could work. But I won’t have to worry that I forgot to close the database on my desktop computer (a potential disaster), or find that I don’t have a reliable Internet connection when I arrive at my destination.

Anyway, I solved the Gordian Knot problem of synchronizing databases between desktop and laptop in a simple, straightforward way. I always work on my laptop. It also happens to be my fastest Mac, with a 500 GB 7200 RPM HD and a portable backup drive. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 24-inch monitor that I sometimes hook up to my ModBook. But I find that I only do that when I’m doing photo editing or showing off photos…

Which isn’t to say that everyone would be comfortable with a 13-inch screen, but I am. My eyes are only 77.5 years old and still work well. :slight_smile:

Both should work. Simply close your database and copy it over either to your laptop or to DropBox (according to users, DropBox works reliably with DEVONthink databases).

I do this frequently, so I’ve established a folder called ‘Common Files’ that I pass back and forth via an external hard drive. I locate my DTPO databases (as well as other current personal and work files) in subfolders within ‘Common Files’. Just prior to copying the ‘Common Files’ folder, I attach date and time information, so I won’t get confused - i.e. ‘Common Files (07-09-09-1000am)’, but the folder name is trimmed back to just ‘Common Files’ when it reaches the other computer. In that way, I only ever have one version at a time that is named ‘Common Files’. I maintain a couple of backups on each computer, and discard older versions as I go. It’s not elegant, but it is easy and straightforward, and it has worked smoothly for quite a while. I use a LaCie Rugged 500GB drive via FireWire 800 cable - it never takes more than a few minutes.

I used an external 500 Gb LaCie Rugged drive too (using ChronoSync), but I’m very happy now with Dropbox.

Just be sure not to open an (already) open database. DT will warn you, but anyway, don’t overlook it. In case I leave one computer running while I use the other one (it sometimes happens) I’ve set up a script with ScriptSaver to quit DT after some minutes of inactivity.