Beta 3.0pb4 - Menu Extra hotkey not working


In the new beta it doesn’t seem possible to set a hotkey for Menu Extra. No matter what combination I use, all I get is a beep. I’ve tried restarting Menu Extra and Devon Agent etc and this doesn’t help.

In fact, it doesn’t look like the setting is taking hold at all:

a) Go to Menu Extra preference panel
b) enter hotkey (I use shift-ctrl-opt-S, which definitely isn’t a duplicate on my system, and it worked before)
c) navigate away from the Menu Extra preference panel
d) return to it and the hotkey box is empty.

BTW It worked fine in the previous beta.



See viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13359&p=62745#p62745

That fixes it – thanks Christian.

Some years after, I have the same problem…
But your link (viewtopic…) seem’s to be dead :frowning:
Could you help me please ?
thanks in advance.

Which version and which shortcut do you use?