Beta 3.0pb4 - new bug when starting downloading from web ?

Hi DA-Team,

I updated DA yesterday and today I couldn’t start a downloading process from a website:

(on the right side “download IPSecuritas”)

When I tried with another browser the downloading process started normaly.

Any other user with the same issue?


Just tried this and DEVONagent downloaded the file. Maybe you’ve already downloaded the file? DEVONagent doesn’t download the same file multiple times during a session.

Hi there,

I have still this trouble that when I klick on a webside in DA to start a download nothing happens. Any other user with the same issue?

This time it was at

(You might only be able to simulate this bug if you have a login to that webpage…)

When I copy the URL to Safari the download starts right away…


What exactly did you click?