Beta Sync 3 causing the Loss of all Tags

I’ve had this happen twice now since I installed Beta Sync 3. All of my tags were lost for the second time so I have hundreds of notes that were tagged and are now not tagged.

I can only assume this has something to do with Beta Sync 3 as it never happened under Beta Sync 2. I sync manually.

Please send a bug report to the developer, per the request in the documentation of the Sync plugin. Include information about how Sync was performed (Mac to Mac, Dropbox, or WebDAV. The developer may ask you for additional information.

Yeah, I’ve submitted this twice now and have had no responses but I’ve provided them with all the info. I use Dropbox, an imac and a MacBook Air but i couldn’t tell you when these tags disappear. I just suddenly notice, as I have a smart folder that gathers all untagged items, that all the notes are in there. Then I look at the tags list and there’s nothing and there’s nothing in items I’ve tagged (I tag basically everything). I just thought I’d post it here to see if anyone else has had this experience and also to be cautious.


Are you sure it didn’t happen with Sync b2 ? If you are positive then it will help direct where to look at the code.


To be honest, I didn’t use B2 that long before I went to B3 so no I’m not sure. It might have just have easily happened in B2 if I had used it longer. I’ve been using B3 almost since it came out so that’s a while.

The way this all started was I woke my MacBook Air from sleep and DEVONthink crashed and generated a crash report I think for Apple. For a few days, I could no longer invoke sync then all of a sudden it started to sync. It wasn’t long after this I noticed my tags were gone. I just continued on from there and built up new notes with tags and there were a number of tags in the tags list. The other night, i noticed there were no tags again and I reported this immediately.

I’m tagging stuff again as it happens but I sort of think I might be wasting my time if they just all disappear again. I can’t replicate this as it just happens at some point in time. I know it never happened before I added the sync functionality so I’m just guessing that it has something to do with that.

Since I don’t have a ticket in front of me…
What kind of sync are you doing? WebDAV, direct connect, DropBox?
Is it scheduled or on open or close?

BTW, you’re not using this on a live (ie. important) database are you?


Yes, it is a live database but I’ve got 5 backup systems in place so a version of the file will be around that would be fine at some point in time. The info that I put in DEVONthink is important but if it were lost it would just be very annoying. If say I revert back to SOHO Notes for my production environment, I know I won’t use DEVONthink unless I replicate the data between the two and that’s easy enough to do. You can drop a SOHO Notes item in DEVONthink and vice-a-versa and it works but you loose your tags that way anyway. They don’t come across.

In terms of my environment I’m sync’g using Dropbox and have an iMac, MacBook Air which I use B3 for and an iPad 4g and an iPhone 5 which I sync via wifi using DTTG (both very disappointing apps). I’ve put so much energy in terms of learning DEVONthink as I’m into the whole paperless office concept but I kind of regret having switched out of SOHO Notes. Its probably not as powerful as DEVONthink but it was good plus it was very straightforward in terms of use etc. The only thing SOHO Notes doesn’t do as well as DEVONthink is scanning as it doesn’t do OCR but for that I guess I could have just say bought Abby FineReader. It also doesn’t have anywhere near the search power of DEVONthink but DEVONthink has definitely been one of the most difficult apps I’ve had to learn and I’ve used a ton of stuff on the Mac and participated in many beta’s.

Eric said he’d get back to me to invite me to join the beta and he never did so I’ve just proceeded on my own. Possibly I haven’t approached this right but not being part of a beta group with all the structure that goes along with it isn’t great. This is a first for me so sorry if you don’t have an open ticket but I’ve been sending in numerous reports for quite sometime and get back tickets etc so I’m not sure what is going on. You’re the only one who seems to provide me with feedback.

Sorry to hear that, kerryd. Eric is one of our developers as well as one of the bosses so it might have slipped off his radar with the project he’s hard at work on. (He actually does a lot more than any boss I’ve ever had!)

On page 7 of the README provided in the ZIP file for the Sync plugin there is a link to report bugs, etc. on the public beta. Is this the form you’ve been using or have you not known where to report? (If you are using the form it could be going directly to Development so I wouldn’t see them in my tickets.) I can’t guarantee you’ll get a response from a development ticket (since I don’t handle them) but I know they are reading them. Our developers are always very hard at work on their code.

I will remind Eric of your desire to be in on the private beta (though I don’t know how many more private releases there may be). Thanks for your understanding. Cheers!


No I haven’t used that form as I wrote and they said just to send my feedback to that address. Everytime I do I get a ticket # but when I’ve gone to check the status of the ticket # there’s nothing there. Actually, many are closed to which I don’t believe I had a response. Oh yes and I was sending these to S (iOS) also so I thought I was covered.

Regardless, I would say this is a pretty significant bug and I do believe it has to be in the sync tech as it never happened before I installed sync. I always just sync’d using Chronosync, which works well and I have a number of things that require sync’g anyway.

I was just fooling around with SOHO Notes and:

  • DEVONthink is definitely more powerful and flexible
  • SOHO Notes is easier and more intuitive

I prefer the power so I’m going to stick with DEVONthink. Plus, I’ve invested so much time in learning the package I hate to see that time go to waste.

I was afraid to lose tags as well when reading this subject.

I sync with beta 3 on two Macs by DropBox and -everything- works fine! No tags are lost.

I have some problems with WebDAV which I describe in an other posting.


Harold I’ve found the loss of these tags to random and intermittent. That is I can be going for days or so and nothing happens to the tags. Then all of sudden I notice a tag seems to be missing. Sure enough, if I look at the tags list they’re gone. The last time this happened I noticed it as it happened so I went to do a sync with my aaMacBook Air and I got a warning more than 10% of the DB was going to change. I suspected the sync would probably delete the tags and sure enough it did. So I’m building them up slowly again as I go a long but I’ve got hundreds of notes with no tags and I sure am not going to try to rectify those.

Please, if you have a bug report for the Sync plugin, file it as instructed in the documents accompanying the plugin. I apologize for not responding to some support tickets last week, but I was on vacation with only intermittent internet access and I’m the only person who can handle bug reports for the Sync plugin in a meaningful fashion.