I have a license for DT Pro Office and noticed that there is a new public beta release available for download. The new features look exciting, however, the beta will expire in a few weeks.

After initial trouble, DT has after 2 weeks of use become an application I am now heavily relying on and it is scary to think that the version I am using could expire e.g. while I am away traveling.

So as much as I am curious about the new version I am reluctant to download the beta.

Can you give any timeframe as to when a release version can be expected or provide a beta linked to a license code, so it will not expire?

You will have to upgrade the current beta because it expires on the 31st of May. The next beta is valid until the 31st of July. This is always noted in the Release Notes that accompany the online help of the application, are to be found on the website and even in the Update check panel when it appears.

bad news indeed. When purchasing recently I apparently got a beta version :open_mouth: that will expire. I am new to DT and was not aware of this problem at all.

Why did I purchase at all if this beta is “public”??

That is not so good actually. Why is there no 2.x release version??? What did I actually purchase? Why can´t that be pointed out more clearly to new customers??? :imp:

Did you ever consider that people might actually use this product for offline storing of information offline? I just cannot have this that is suddenly expires. I am angry I purchased. the product works great but the licensing/beta stuff seems like a bad joke indeed :imp:

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I understand that you are frustrated about this, but I’m not sure how DEVONtechnologies could have made it more clear that DT 2.0 is a public beta. It’s advertised as such everywhere on the DT Web page.

While you’re right, when you go to the ordering page there is really no indication that what you’re buying is a beta. One could interpret this as “we’ve got a beta for version 2 that we’re making available,” meaning that this is a beta of a more advanced product than what’s being sold in the DT store. I know of more than a couple of developers who never seem to change the “version number,” preferring to track their versions by a build number.

I am still waiting for the non-beta version to come out to purchase an upgrade.

While you are generally right about being clear that this is a “beta”, I want to repeat a comment I made in an earlier post. Many people outside of the software world don’t understand what “beta” means. For instance, I’ve tried to explain this to colleagues in academia that could benefit from DT, but I lose them when I explain that the new version is in beta form. The “average” consumer, which DT may eventually aspire to reach, just may not get it.

Also, usually when I have gone to other software website, the “beta” version is not announced so prominently. It is not something that “new” purchasers would stumble across unless they look for it.

So I would suggest not advertising the public beta so prominently. Advertise the version you have (1.x). Then in smaller print somewhere, note the availability of a beta version which is–as beta versions usually are – “use at your own risk”.

My wife thinks it’s something with a Betta Fish. :slight_smile:

I like the rest of your comments/suggestions. DTech could make some relatively simple changes that reduce product discussions that seem an unnecessarily repeated waste of time and support resources.