Better email import

Hi, John. The Office mail archives are in standard RTFD format, so you will be able to view them with no problem when you switch back to DT Pro.

Thanks Bill, but I am afraid I am just not getting this. Indulge me while I try again…

I have downloaded and installed the OfficePro version. I created a new database for testing. The Mail scripts are identical, and do not import attachments or HTML.

When I tried to use the Import Mail function, none of the images or attachments made it either (the attachments are all downloaded from the server.)

So my questions are these:

  1. How do I import an individual message with attachments and HTML? I have no need to archive whole mailboxes.

  2. If I wanted to archive whole mailboxes, how do I turn the images and the attachments “on” so that they are imported as well?

I hope my original statement that this is not possible with individual messages doesn’t stand after this whole discussion!



Those script are obsolete and are only still there because of your previous Pro installation. Just go to File > Import > Email… and you can see what’s going on. I will advise you to install the Mail plugin. That will also enable you to import straight from Mail itself (see our online help).

Thanks Annard, that fixes one of my problems.

Any ideas why the attachments are not being imported with the messages?

I cannot test this with the Mail plug-in since I have exceeded my 200 messages while testing the mailbox import function. A time-limited demo would be much more helpful in this case.

I also cannot get the ScanSnap to work with the Pro version, but will post that as a new topic after I have researched it a little more.

Let me know if you have any ideas about the attachments.



John, DT Pro Office installs a Mail plugin that places the command “Add to DEVONthink Pro Office” under Mail’s Mailbox and Message menus.

For example, to add one or more selected messages to your database, go to Mail’s Message menu and select the option to add the message(s) to your database.

The resulting captures would be in rich text, including images and attachments.

Re the ScanSnap: First, uncheck the Quick Menu setting in ScanSnap Manager. Now choose ScanSnap Manager’s Settings > Application. Set the application to DEVONthink Pro (for DT Pro Office).

Attachments are not downloaded as separate files. They will be part of the mail message which is an RTFD document. If the message was imported using the “Mail Import” window the attachments must be imported as well in one form or another. The one can’t work without the other since we use the raw source and that includes the attachments data. If an error occurs in the parsing of an attachment part, you will get a data file in the RTFD document that represents the original attachment data (with an error message in the text).

OK - all seems to be working now. Not sure why the attachments weren’t coming in with the first mailbox import, but they are working now when I use the menu commands that are installed.

Thanks Bill for the tip on the quickmenu for the ScanSnap - that was clearly the issue.

BTW - I am using this with the new ScanSnap S300M and it works really well for those looking for a less expensive solution than the other model.

One last question Bill - is there a way to turn off the OCR for a particular document if you just want the PDF of a picture without the text layer added (I realize this defeats many of the purposes of scanning docs in, but I am curious…)?

Thanks again for all the help.

The next release will allow you to “switch off” automatic OCR for incoming scans through the OCR preference pane. It also solves the QuickMenu issue for the ScanSnap.

Great to hear. Thanks again to you both, and looking forward to the next release!