Better phrase handling

When I search for a phrase, DA seems to treat it like two single words. That is, if I search for something like (“kitsune statue”) AND … I get a lot of results for kitsune and a lot for statue, but when I actually look there are few for “kitsune statue” and lots of found pages have all kinds of other unwanted statues. My expectation is that the “Topic list” will have “Kitsune statue” as one of the topics.

To designate a multi-word string as a phrase in a query, include it inside quotation marks.

The Topics list is limited to single words. Multiple word topics would be much more memory intensive. Perhaps that will come in the future.

I did, even put them inside parenthesis (“kitsune statue”), but DA still seems to treat them like single words.

The creation of summaries/digests is based on single words but that doesn’t have any impact on searching or highlighting of occurrences.

I was recently playing with this and thinking about it. It’s now seven years later and people have much more memory than they did before. Does this make multiple word topics more feasible than in 2007?

Topics with up to two words are currently supported but not yet longer ones.

Thanks. I see that now, but they seem to be second class citizens. One-word topics get the topic map, two-word topics do not.