Better visibility (for me) of search results

I usually only have one database open. So I don’t need to see in which database a document of the search results is. In addition, two lines disturb me when reading.

So I insert spaces before the name of the database. Then it looks like this.

Is there any risk in doing it this way? (Space, space, space … )
Can I hide the name of the database?
Is there a way to highlight the title of the search results better? Bold? Colored?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The answer is no in all cases. Bold is e.g. used to highlight occurrences in the name. But a future release will include the possibility to hide the location (the second line).


This is even more perfect. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @FrankT for this post. I had been meaning to ask a related question/feature request.

A couple of requests, in addition to the request by Frank.

  1. Would it be possible to only show the selected item’s location below the search results? (It would be where the tag bar appears in the Standard preview mode.)

  2. Would it be possible to create a Summary/Table of Contents for the search results that show the title and the location of the document ?
    Is this possible via AppleScript?

Title 1

Title 2

Some context / reasoning:
I use a 13" laptop.
When away from the monitor/home, this would be quite useful.
For the 2nd request, sometimes I want to see where the data has been spread out, but do not want to search every time (or use a smart group for the same).

Thank you for the consideration.

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Thanks for the suggestion, this isn’t possible but noted.

Yes, that’s scriptable.

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