bibtex export?


I am currently evaluating DEVONThink Pro. Everything seems OK so far, but I have one question. How do I export BibTeX? Is this possible? Is it planned?


No, that’s not possible and there are no such plans for the near future.

Thanks for the quick reply, although it’s not the reply that I wanted to hear :cry:

I guess I’ll give up on Devonthink then, since lack of bibtex export is a showstopper for me. I can’t think of any researcher in my field (computer networking) that doesn’t use bibtex, so it would make it impossible for me to collaborate with anyone.

Thanks anyway!

I’m confused. I use DT happily and am a heavy user of Latex and Bibtex. But I can’t actually see any use for Bibtex Export. What would that do? DT itself isn’t really a manager of bibliographic information; what I use it for is mining the content of the publications that are in my bibliography.

What I do is use BibDesk, the Bibtex database management software for OS X, which (with its autofiling features) helps me maintain a directory of pdf-files linked to the entries in the bibtex file. And then, I have DT index that directory, so that the full text of my pdf-files is fully mined for content work.

I guess I don’t really understand what devonthink is used for then :confused: What I am looking for is something that will let me organise all of my thoughts, PDFs, references, etc into particular topics. But then when I want to write a paper on a particular topic, how do I export the bibtex references for that paper? Can you explain more about how to use devonthink and bibdesk together?

Currently I am using a combination of tiddlywiki, spotlight, bibdesk, and a bunch of shell scripts that call bibtex/bibtool/mdfind. This works OK, but I was hoping for an all-in-one solution, which is how I stumbled upon devonthink.