BIg, big news - congratulations Devon Technologies

Finally, some very exiting news about DTTG 2.0. Seems to be very good. When the final version arrives it is time to say a very awaited goodbye to Evernote. … -0-starts/

Thanks. We look forward to your full “conversion”. :mrgreen:

Welp, this is big news indeed. I think a lot of people would never expected this. Good job DevonThink team, and thanks for the hard work.

Oh wow!

Congratulations - and best of luck going through the Beta!

Very happy to see this. I’ll admit to being a lurker on the DTTG forum for months (years?) waiting for an update.

@Cassady: Thanks (and thanks for all the patient support in the midst of much turmoil and nay-saying).

Announcing DTTG 2.0 is cruel and inconsiderate. Can’t Devontech show some empathy towards the complainers? You are willfully destroying their lives. What is to become of the vaporware thread? :smiling_imp: Wait, is it April 1? No …

On a more serious note: The new sync looks like the holy grail of syncs. The “Eier-legende Wollmilchsau”, so to speak (translation: the egg-laying, wool and milk producing pig"). And full-fledged capabilities including annotations and RTF support. Awesome.

Once this is available, I would like to have the option to volunteer for a paid upgrade. This is huge. Given what other companies made me pay for rather minor upgrades (e.g. just to survive OS upgrades), this will definitely be worth money!

@gg378: Thanks for the interest. Our new Sync engine is indeed a colossal step forward. I have had the pleasure of testing and reporting on it and it has blown my mind from the first test. :smiley:

Haha, I was hoping to chime in with a witty comment about the vaporware thread, but this does the job better than I could have. May it rest in peace.

this is why selling “stuff” like t-shirts, mugs, and so forth comes in handy. is this where we buy stuff, and does a significant amount get to dt?

I have NEVER seen that before. :open_mouth: I better check with Eric on it.

hahaha. well, glad i didn’t buy anything. there’s a t-shirt / sweatshirt thingy there as well.

Great news…some of us always trusted you! :smiley:

@Allsop: Indeed… and we humbly thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement. :smiley:

Great. I’ve been patiently (and quietly) waiting for this for years.
I look forward to trying it out!


@Declan: We appreciate both the patience and the quiet. :mrgreen:

@FROBGOBLIN, et al: The “souvenirs” on cafepress are legitimate. Eric had set something up 10 years or so ago (which explains my lack of knowledge of it) and hadn’t thought of it in some time. Maybe a reboot is called for! :smiley:

yes! definitely. and, some cooler stuff :slight_smile: … y_Code=KOL

Oh - but for a ‘Like’ button!! 8)