Big Sur's a coming

I personally suggest to not upgrade tomorrow. Yes, there are things still outstanding. And again @cgrunenberg can comment as he wishes.


FYI, I don’t plan to upgrade the Apple OSX operating system for a few months (maybe longer) after release. History shows that there are always new-found bugs and issues. So I’m not predicting problems/issue, but just recognising history. I get no enjoyment in trying to bend OSX (or any software) to my will. There will be a point at which I will be essentially forced into it (as was the move to Catalina).


I’m completely convinced that delaying installation is both a reasonable course of action and a good idea. For some reason which I cannot adequately explain, I’ll still be installing it on one device today. I’d speak to a professional about about this personality trait if I had time. But I’m always fixing new stuff :nerd_face:


<Sigh> I’m exactly the same.


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Out of curiosity, can you give us some more specific guidance as to what would happen with DT3 if one were to install Big Sur?

OCR works fine on Big Sur but not yet on ARM-based Macs due to an issue of the Abbyy engine. The next release will also fix some minor glitches and update the toolbars for Big Sur. And the Mail plug-in hasn’t been updated yet but there are several alternatives (e.g. drag & drop, scripts and View > Sidebar > Import).

But as usual I would highly discourage to update to a .0 release of macOS in a production environment, at least as long as you’re not a developer and need it for your work :slight_smile:


Hi, guys!!!

If nobody installs Bug Sur, Apple won’t be able to resolve their crap, and then when all of us will install .1 version, it will be as if it were .0 version. :laughing:

[just kidding… or not]

[I will try to refrain myself, but I know myself… sigh! :sweat_smile:].


It’s a real dilemma isn’t it?


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Just wondering why Catalina is still so buggy - did nobody install it? :joy:


Still using Mojave and that works fine :slight_smile:


Q.e.d :smiley: Mojave and El Capitan were IMHO the best macOS releases during the last years, Big Sur looks promising. Well, its stability… the appearance depends on the point of view :slight_smile:


A very deep knowledge Spanish guy (Julio César Fernandez) said in one of his more or less recent podcast that Bug Sur gave a lot of good filing to him due internal stability compared with Catalina the Great S*it (he explained some technicalities, but I don’t remember what he said).

Only issue with Catalina was that I had to buy a new scanner as my Fujitsu scanners (2 of 'em) bricked by Fujitsu. But then they surprisingly issued Catalina compatible software. Now have three scanners… Sigh.

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Ahh. I misunderstood something I asked Alan about. Thanks, Criss.

I’ll be updating today, I’ll post here if I run into any issues.


Looking forward to your update, @ibuys!

About the only reason that I’m enticed to upgrade to Big Sur is the automatic switching of AirPods between devices. Crazy, isn’t it? Otherwise, I don’t care about Big Sur. I guess I should really, really try to hold off on upgrading until maybe beginning of next year. sigh

Updated both my Macs (mini late 2018; Air 2019) to Big Sur without problems.

Software, including DEVONthink, PDFexpert, Banking 4, iThoughts X, running fine. Printer (Brother HL-3152CDW and Scanner (ScanSnap iX500 with ScanManager v7.0 L30) work fine.


DT3 wants to update the mail plug-in. Which then is deactivated in Mail because the developer can not be verified (“kann nicht verifiziert werden”, literally here).
The text “DEVONthink” in the main menu bar (activated by “Sorter in the extra menu” in DT’s settings) is white on grey here. Not exactly legible.
Also BoxCryptor needs to be updated to the latest version from their website and then the kernel extension (or whatever they’re called now) enabled in system settings.
My automounted “Photos” folder on a NAS is not automounted.
Photoshop seems to be working (but one never knows with this beast), GraphicConverter does at least start as does MoneyMoney, both not exhibiting any weird behavior.


Same problem with the mail plug-in


Mail plugin does not work in Bug Sur yet. You still can use alternative ways like drag and drop messages.

BTW, I’ve updated my two updatable Macs into Bug Sur without issue. DT seems work fine, and Macs feel more responsible. What I don’t like is the new bigger toolbars. They remove screen real-estate for nothing.

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