Black Friday DTTG?


DevonTechnologies is offering a discount in “all apps, also in the App Store”, but I see no discount on the DTTG app (german app store). Is that expected?

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It seems the App Store switched back prematurely. We have just reinstated the discount for today and through tomorrow. But, in the end, when exactly Apples switches depends on their internal schedule.

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Is there a DTTG academic discount? I misunderstood that it’s available as a one time purchase and inadvertently purchased a subscription. Also,despite being subscribed to updates, I didn’t receive an email regarding the BF discount because I would have most definitely been interested.

Theoretically, DEVONthink To Go is part of the academic discount program run by Apple. However, Apple has chosen to exclude all subscriptions and all in-app purchases from academic purchases and asks us developer to create a dedicated, separate version of our app with up-front payment. We have, so far, stayed away from this double work and hope for Apple enabling academic purchases for in-app purchases and subscriptions, too, as they have become somewhat popular in recent years.

You can stop your subscription at any time, wait for it to expire, and re-purchase the one-time purchase.

Regarding your newsletter subscription: Please feel free to contact our customer support and we can check this for you. We’d rather not discuss your email address and name publicly.