Black triangles

I just noticed in my database in the pane that shows the groups in the three-pane view, that one of the groups has a black “expand” triangle* next to the closed folder icon, where all others are colored gray, whether collapsed or expanded. In the attached image, you’ll see that the triangle for the group named “Science & Philosophy” is black while the rest are gray.

Can anyone explain the color difference?

More generally, is there a page in the “Help” that defines and explains all the icons used in DTPO?

  • I have no idea what those triangles are called. If anyone can reveal the term for them, I’d be grateful.

Finder black expand triangle.png

The term is “disclosure triangle”. Informally, some call them “twisties”.

Only groups that have children will have disclosure triangles. That some on your display have a darker value than others is probably an artifact of your monitor.

See “Iconology” on page 131 of the documentation.

@ korm: Thanks for the definition. I understood what the triangles were for, I just didn’t know what they were called. :smiley:

Interesting hypothesis regarding my monitor. At the moment that particular black triangle has reverted to the gray of the other triangles. I see this from time to time on other disclosure triangles, and I can’t figure out what might have changed in the particular group that would cause a change, e.g. there are still unread items, there are no particularly new items,no arcane items that would cause DTPO to indicate something odd.

@berndm: Thanks!