Blog tags in Blogger RSS not importing to DTPO?

I keep a blog of journal entries, quotes, etc. and use tags. I have this blog RSS’d in my DTPO database, and wish the tags I set in Blogger were applied as tags in DTPO. Is this a possibility?

Preferences > RSS > Convert Categories to Tags

I have that selected already. The problem is, categories are different than tags. As far as I understand, categories are more of a broad description of what the blog or page as a whole is about, whereas tags are applied to individual posts. So a blog on, say, vegetarian recipes might have “vegeterian” and “food” and “recipes” as categories, but individual posts (recipes) in that blog would have tags like “almond”, “sugar-free”, “breakfast” and so on.
So the question still stands if tags applied in Blogger can be made to become DTPO tags.

Could you please send me the URL of the feed so that I could check this on my own? Thanks in advance!

The blog I was using was more of a private thing, so I made another, public blog to test out the RSS with. Here’s the address
There are two posts.
Post #1 has two labels: “tag 1” and “tag 2”
Post #2 is labeled: “tag 2” and “tag 3”
Does that work?

Thanks for the example! The tags of the RSS feed are already used (after enabling “Convert categories to tags”), the ones of the Atom feed not yet. I’ll try to add support for this to the next maintenance release.

Great, thanks! Looking forward to it.