Board posting restriction

I have come across a couple of times recently the restriction that will not allow me to post another item to these boards “so soon after posting another one” (or words to that effect). This is annoying as sometimes I want to comment on several posts all in one sitting. Is it possible to remove this restriction?

It is annoying, but the flood control option for the forum does prevent spam bots from registering and polluting the board with multiple posts all at once. I don’t believe there is any option to remove this limitation on a user-by-user basis?

I understand the reason now, thanks.

I was at one time a moderator on a rather large (hundreds of daily participants) community. Despite their anti-spam measures (different, but equally frustrating), there were always dozens of spam messages to deal with at any given time.

So these measures are working really well (or the mods are working really well, or both!). Though I do find them frustrating too!

You would be blown away by the number of spam posts here and on our blog that get filtered out. It is INSANE!!