Bold Blue text

I read about the meanings of bold blue text and red text for file names in DT, but now I can’t find the information. Can you tell me what they mean?

Blue = duplicated document

Red = replicated document

This is curious then: when I make a new .rtf file in the finder and drag it into my data base it’s file name shows as bold blue, but this hasn’t happened in the past to my recollection.

Jerry, perhaps you have a duplicate (empty?) RTF file already in the database.

Remember that you can create a new RTF file directly inside your database using Data > New > Rich Text (and there’s a keyboard shortcut for the command).

I am not sure I understand what you are suggestion. I have a hierarchy of folders in the finder that mirror a DT database (provided, of course, that keep both updated. When I create a new RTF file (in this instance, from Nisus Writer Express) and add it to the Finder folders, and then drag it to the database to update the database, the file name in the database shows up as bold blue. The RTF is new with a unique name, so it seems that there can be no duplicate already resident in the database.

To provide a little more information that may or may no be relevant, in this particular instance I have been working on versions of a white paper. The first version was “Brett 1.rtf.” Then they were named (in sequence) “Brett 2.rtf”…“Brett 3.rtf”…“Brett 9.3.3(enclosure).rtf”…"Brett 9.3.4(enclosure).rtf. When I added “Brett 10.0.rtf” (created as a new file) it came into the database as bold blue. At that time, I also noted that “Brett 5.rtf,” “Brett 9.3.3.rtf,” and “Brett 9.3.4.rtf” had also turned blue. I don’t know for certain that these other files were not blue before, but I think I would have noticed when they turned blue because I try hard to keep the databases clean.

Hello! Anyone there?

I still do not understand how the bold blue text works. Another example:

I have a file named “production.tif” that’s bold blue. When I search the DB I find a copy in another location. Okay.

I have a file named “production-2.tif” that’s bold blue. When I search the DB I do not find a copy in another location?

What is happening here?

The only time I get blue bold is when a file is a duplicate. It doesn’t have to have the same name but it does have the same text. For example, I duplicate a file. It has the title of the original plus “copy.” I can change the name to anything I want and the two files are still bold blue. If I change the ‘content’ of the file, however, even one word, then the blue bold goes away. If you have bold blue, then that file exists, in content, somewhere in your database, but perhaps under a different name.

I’m not sure of all the ways to find duplicates. I generally find a word or two that are fairly unique to the content of the file in question and do a search. I seem to recall the issue of finding duplicates (with different names) in other threads so you may want to do a search on the forum.

That’s as much as I know, sorry. This is how it has worked for me since using DT Pro (for over a year). Hope it helps.

Now I undestand. Thanks!