Bold Style Won't Turn Off

DEVONthink Pro Office 2.2, OS 10.6.8:

What an oddity: I have an rtf file open, I bold a few lines using ⌘b, then toggle “off”. It’s still bold. I issue opt⌘t to make it “plain”. No change; still bold. I try to use drop-down menus directly, neither of the two options will change their toggle status.

I can toggle italic and underline, via hotkey or drop-down with no problems. Toggle to “plain” turns both italics and unerline off–but not bold. Bold seems quite permanent.

Any ideas?

– Gerry

Could be any of a number of things, but this is the kind of flaky behavior that might be cured simply by restarting the computer to sweep out ‘cobwebs’ in memory.

Just to ensure any additional cobwebs were blowed out, I did a pram-reset. Hadn’t done that in a while!

No change. Once Bolded, it won’t unBold.

How very strange.

– Gerry

Curiouser and Curiouser…!

I went and modified another rtf file in DevonThink, bold and unbold, plain, whatever–no problems at all.

So I copied the text of my offending item into TextEdit (text mode), created a new DevonThink rtf vessel, pasted it in–It still won’t turn bold off! Man, that’s wiggy! Pasted it into Pages, and when pasted back I could bold/unbold it. But it had changed fonts too. Hmm. Changed fonts.

Closer inspection and final conclusion: The font used in the “reluctant” document was Lucida Sans, and when bolded, makes use of “Demibold Roman”. This will toggle on with ⌘b, but won’t toggle off.

In testing this through other fonts I see that “Black” (as summoned by a font named Hoefler Text) toggles with the bold key/command just fine. I can’t find any other “demibold” examples in a quick and distracted hunt.

I’ve not changed my default fonts to Helvetica Neue…

– Gerry

Perhaps there are corrupted font files on the machine? Being very careful to first have a system backup in place, I’d suggest shutting down all running apps and use the system’s Font Book utility to validate your fonts.

Thanks for the input, I’ve never run the program. I validated Lucida Sans and found no problems. I found purported duplicates and resolved those. I ran validation on lots of other fonts and found a few with “minor problems, proceed with caution”. I don’t know if there’s any way to “fix” their failure to “validate”.

– Gerry

Another kernal of info. I find that using Lucida Sans I can easily bold and unbold with the utility summoned by “Show Fonts”.

It’s only the hotkeys/dropdowns that won’t respond.

Is this true of any other users?

– Gerry

Yes, over here the cmd-B toggle doesn’t work with Lucida Sans.

And what a gnarly finger it is! :slight_smile:

– Gerry