Bonjour: Consolidating Databases that were originally created on different computers

I started some databases on my laptop and some on my desktop, so now I have to use bonjour both ways to sync. I’d like to have only one computer be the source and sync one way, but not sure what the best way to move the desktop databases to the laptop and then reverse the sync. Don’t want to mess anything up.



AFAIK, bonjour is two ways. You have to define one device (probably the desktop) as the server and connect the other one(s) to it. The rest should be automatic.

Actually, sync itself always is a two-way process. Otherwise, it would be quite pointless.

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sorry, that’s not what I meant, I mean that I want all my databases as if I had created them on one computer and syncing to the other, and not have incoming connections on on both systems. So I want to move the databases started on the desktop to the laptop and sync all of them from one to the other, not some syncing from desktop to laptop and some syncing from laptop to desktop.

Why it is important which machine syncs in which direction if the result is that all machines have the same state in the end?

I just personally want it that way to be cleaner/less confusing to remember which one goes which way, and I’m not sure I’ll keep the desktop… I’d like to do most of my work on laptop anyway and sync to desktop only when using it (until I sell it)

Ok, one last time: When sync is finished, you have the same data on both machines. You can then throw away one of them, sell it, burn it, ignore it, the data will remain on both. Sync is both ways – what you change on one side will be reflected on the other side

It seems (!) that you’re mixing “sync” with backup – these are very different concepts, and both have been discussed multiple times ad nauseam here.


I feel you’re misunderstanding me, this is NOT about backup. Not once did I say anything about backup. I understand exactly how bonjour syncing works as well and you’re missing my point every time.

I mentioned already that this is simply what I want to do for my own personal preference and not having bonjour accepting incoming connections on both machines, and having some databases originating on one vs. the other…

If you know how to help me, I’m all ears, and otherwise I’d appreciate that you stop questioning/assuming my motives “ad naseum here” — it’s simply what I want to do, ok?

So the master datatabases, i.e., the ones you want on both devices, are on one computer, correct?

If so, just enable Bonjour as the server on that machine and connect the other machine as a client and import those databases.

I think I see. I have 2 master databases on the desktop and 2 on the laptop. but I want all 4 on the laptop. So all I have to do is, once they are all synced, is turn off bonjour incoming connections on the desktop, leave it on on the laptop, and then select the database checkboxes in the desktop sync prefs? or when you say “import”, do you mean something else?

thanks so much.

So each machine has its own set of two databases, i.e., four individual databases total?

yes. I happened to create 2 while working on one machine and 2 on the other — i should have just done them all on the laptop to begin with and then just synced to the desktop.