Bonjour database sync order

If one wished to change the order in which the databases sync via Bonjour, is that possible?
At the moment it looks like they’re syncing in order of creation, maybe , as my most recently created database syncs last even though it is third in the list of databases in the Locations/Local Network/MyMac@MyMac file list.
jus’ wonderin’

There are no user-defined controls for this.
IIRC it should sync based on which was first modified but @cgrunenberg could provide more specific information.

My afternoon’s observations would lead me to conclude that the order is either

  • the order in which they were added,
  • alphabetical (after Global Inbox goes first).

I’ve worked exclusively in the new database all day and that one is always the last to sync on iPhone and iPad.
I’ve had the same databases on DTTG for a couple of years and only recently had to add a new, very important one that will be getting a ton of use in the next 8 months. If I could make this one the first in the sync order it would be nice but in no way a big problem if it can’t.

I think it is a good idea to have a sync order and I’ve often thought of same, but in the meantime if you are in a situation where Bonjour will work (local network) and you know you want it to run first at a priority, based on your evidence, perhaps simply temporarily disable the cloud sync services and run Bonjour exclusively?