Bonjour & iCloud Kit together (I know this has been hashed out)

So I’ve read several posts about using iCloud Kit and Bonjour together.
Seem that this is ok. I’m mostly home so been using Bonjour to sync 2 computers, phone and ipad (downloading only files I need on demand), but now I need to travel and take my phone & iPad with me to access docs on my computers (but dont want to download everything).

I’m uploading to apple servers right now and assuming there should be no issues accessing

But I was confused about what this said in the help:

“If the second machine already has a opened copy of the database, you will have the option to merge with the sync data in the sync location.”

In my case the files are on both computers, but I did not see an option to merge or not sure if I need to. Also, if both are iCloud Kit and Bonjour are active, which one takes priority when you’re using both at home—does it present any conflicts?