Bonjour - show connected devices

I’ve turned on Bonjour on all my devices, using the same password.
How do I now see if DT on my Mac actually has connected with DTTG on my phone and iPad?
(Sync still seems to only happen over Dropbox.)

It’s not necessary to enable Bonjour on all devices, actually it’s recommended to enable incoming connections only on one computer/device. Then you should be able to find & enable this computer/device in the list of sync locations (see e.g. Preferences > Sync > Locations on the Mac).

So that is where I should be seeing the DTTG connections on my Mac in DT itself, right?
And I do need to enable Settings → Bonjour → Bonjour options with the same password on the handheld devices (phone, iPad), right?
I see the two handhelds now showing port numbers (had them in “automatic” when turning this on) and DT on the Mac showing a green light “Incoming Connections: Available”.
But… I cannot see either device in the Locations box you mention.
What can I do next? How can I confirm if this is working or debug why it is not?

I am on a regular WiFi network in a shared office space. (No corporate VPN or stuff…)

FYI, my view of Sync settings:

Did you have a look at Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Bonjour in the help? There’s a description how to set up Bonjour.

Yes, but I couldn’t get much further.

I’ve also disabled the option “Enable incoming connections” on the DTTG apps on both devices, as you suggested (while leaving the password set), but now “Bonjour” shows as “Off” in the settings on those devices - while I still get the same picture in my Sync setting on DT on the Mac.

Now also tried the inverse: Enabled incoming connections on the phone ~and~ or iPad, disabled the Mac. Still no change.

FYI, here are the instructions from the manual I followed:

This is quite frustrating, coming from Evernote - Dropbox sync is so slow it is useless, so I was hoping this could be remedied by using Bonjour. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Another hint, maybe: Global Handoff (shared clipboard, etc.) for my devices does work on the network here. Not sure if that is a Bonjour service, but maybe it helps understanding what network limitations (do not) exist.

Disable Bonjour in DEVONthink To Go and enable it in DEVONthink per the instructions given.

Go into DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations and you should see the Mac as the server. Enable it, entering the Bonjour password you specified in DEVONthink. Then touch the connected sync location and flip the switch to import / sync databases.

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Thank you, Bluefrog, that tip was (almost) all I needed to get this to work!
I did find two snags: (1, minor) to see what sync-able DT services are available, once in DTTG’s “Sync: Locations”, you also need to actually open the Edit menu there. That, however, wasn’t enough for me; For some reason, the Mac still didn’t show up there until… (2, tricky) I opened my favorite iOS app, the Network Analyzer [pro version] app, on either device, scanned my LAN for my Mac, and opened the Bonjour Service details for the scan of my Mac - where I could confirm the _devoncloudly_tcp service was running, with the “DEVONthink 3” CF bundle. Once I checked that in the Net Analyzer app and went back to said Edit menu, tadaa DTTG was offering me to select my Mac as a sync source.
I have no clue why that worked, but can confirm I had the same problem on both devices (iPad and iPhone), while checking with the Net Analyzer in each case resolved the “no show” issue. Maybe just waiting a minute or two longer would have resulted in DTTG showing the Mac, too, though - or maybe just skipping in and out of DTTG would have helped, who knows.
Anyhow, hope this is of assistance to anyone with similar problems, and thanks for pointing me to the correct setup procedure. (If I may suggest, the manual might be a bit too fuzzy in that respect.)

You’re welcome. Interesting note too. Thanks for the follow-up :slight_smile:

I just went through this set up and I was also confused on what, exactly, needed to be done on which computing device. The confusion, for me, was that I assumed I had to turn on Bonjour on both devices, as this is very common when setting up communication between two points.

I would make the suggestion that this be explicitly mentioned in the manual that Bonjour is enabling server functions and should not be turned on in both places.