Bonjour sync of indexed folder error

Hi. I have just encountered my first issue with Bonjour syncing where 3 files that I added to an indexed folder on my Server Mac are not showing up on my Client Mac. Here are the details:

  1. Each of 3 files is of a different ‘Kind’. There is a ‘Sheet’ (.tsv), a ‘Document’ (.md) and a ‘Rich Text Document’ (.rtf)
  2. The files are indexed in a OneDrive folder, downloaded to the HDDs on both Macs
  3. I have confirmed that the Path of the 3 files are indeed in the indexed folders. There are 6 other files in the same folder that do sync correctly.

I have attached screen shots of both the Server and Client Macs for more info. Appreciate any help!

Please include any messages from Window > Log.

Thx…from which Mac?

Whatever one is the problematic one, likely the one in dark mode.
Also, is your database’s Trash empty?

Thx…attached is the screen shot of the log from the Client Mac (the dark one). The server Mac does not show anything in the log.

No, Trash is not empty on either versions of the Database. Although the only Trash I am aware of is the Global one, and I do not sync these.

Especially when you’re indexing files, you should be aware of the need to keep the Trash empty. However, you should first and foremost be reading the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing , especially the Indexing and the file system section so you understand how actions in DEVONthink can affect files in the file system.

Also, do you have Bonjour enabled on more than one device?

No, these are the only two devices that I use Bonjour on.

So, with two devices, only ONE has Bonjour “accept incoming” and the other has that option “off”. Correct?


Thx…that is correct. And I have successfully synced via Bonjour many times in the past. Most of my files are imported into the databases, and they sync fine. I just encountered an issue with this indexed folder and thought I would try and get help.

If the indexed files are on OneDrive are they “offline” (or whatever words they use) and accessible on the local drive?

Thx. Yes, they are.

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All I can now think of … restart all devices including router and wifi.

You could also try quitting and relaunching DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.