Bonjour Sync puzzle

I have one computer (called “MBA16”), one iPhone and one iPad syncing using Bonjour only. All seems to work very well, no problems.

The puzzle relates to a second computer (“iMac11”) which I had until three weeks ago. All four sync’d with Bonjour.

When I started using Bonjour (one year? ago) iMac11 was the Bonjour server and Bonjour was not turned on on MBA16.

About six months ago I reversed the roles and made MBA16 the server and turned Bonjour off in iMac11.

After doing this I got occasional messages in the MBA16 log about “connection to iMac11 server timed out”. This seemed odd so I double checked that iMac11 still had Bonjour turned off. It didn’t happen often and didn’t cause any problems, so I ignored it.

Now that iMac11 has been deactivated, wiped and given away, I am still seeing “connection to iMac11 timed out” occasionally, which really puzzles me.

I searched my drive for any mention of “iMac11” and found hundreds of files in ~/Library/Metadata/com.devon-technologies.think3/ No idea if these are legit. Screenshot sample of EasyFind search below.

The iPad and iPhone only ever mention MBA16 server.

FWIW here is a screenshot of MBA16 sync prefs, does it look right?:

As I said everything appears to be working well, but surely these messages about the iMac11 server should not be appearing?

Thanks very much for any input.

Could you please post a screenshot of the messages too? Thank you!

I was afraid you would ask that. I saw them this morning for the first time since giving the iMac away, and cleared the log before I realised how odd it was.

Do they appear anywhere else? otherwise will have to wait till it happens again.

You could send the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Console.log to cgrunenberg - at -

Thanks Christian. I have sent it but Apple Mail complained it didn’t look like a valid email address, but allowed me to send anyway. I cut and pasted from your post and put @ between “…berg” and “devon…” with no gaps, removing “-at-” Hope you got it.

I think this is humble pie and apology time!

Thanks to your suggestion about the Console log, I looked at it and filtered for iMac and saw this:

The last occurrence was 16th March and I gave iMac11 away on 18th March. So there have been no occurrences since I gave it away. Today must have been the first time I looked in the app log since then.

It still leaves the question why they were happening before I gave it away when Bonjour was turned off? And what about all those ‘iMac11’ items in the Metadata folder in my first post?

Anything else look wrong to you? I have always wondered why the “Synchronise” button is greyed out in the Toolbar. Is that because I have no cloud sync set up?

Thanks again.

I have always wondered why the “Synchronise” button is greyed out in the Toolbar. Is that because I have no cloud sync set up?

It’s not a matter of a cloud sync; it’s whether you have any active sync locations set up. If the machine is just running as a Bonjour server, with no sync locations set up otherwise, the sync toolbar button and File > Synchronize commands would be disabled.

And what about all those ‘iMac11’ items in the Metadata folder in my first post?

  • Have you indexed your Home directory or the User Library?
    • If so, why?

Thanks for clarifying that…yes I should have said “sync locations”.

No I haven’t !

Your question has just prompted me that I do have a whole DT3 database which is an email archive of all my email. This was initially created, not long ago, on iMac11. Would this be a reason for the name “iMac11” to be appearing in the metadata folder? Obviously the mailboxes being archived were in the User library of iMac11 at the time.

Sorry, I didn’t have my glasses on and didn’t notice you were searching with EasyFind.

Those .dt3 files are Spotlight metadata files. Harmless and normal if you’re using a Spotlight index with your database(s).

Thanks for that.

I don’t know if you saw my reply which may crossed with yours about my email archive DT3 Database being made on the iMac, which would explain why “iMac” appears in file names.

The only puzzle remaining is why I was getting the “iMac11 server timed out” messages when Bonjour was turned off on the iMac.

In DEVONthink on the MacBook, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

I have done that, Ticket #859024. Since it is a historical problem, because iMac11 is no longer in existence, I am not too hopeful. However since I will be getting another Mac soonish, I would like to understand in case I repeat any mistakes.