Bonjour Sync War Story - I finally got it!


I’ve always had issues with Bonjour, and despite Jim’s best and most generous efforts :smile: somehow I managed to mess up things very often.

So here is the story of how I finally figured out the right thing to do - caveat, it is the right thing for my 30+ databases, some with 10k+ items.

ALLCAPS are just for emphasis (I am not screaming, well, maybe for joy)

Turns out you HAVE to be VERY methodical when you are doing things. I installed DT3, and my local (Mac) databases would not sync with my iPhone, showing a variety of messages. No deal.

Following Jim’s suggestions to others, I wiped and reinstalled DTTG onto my iPhone X, flipped the blue switch in DTTG on for all database, sand started syncing. Somewhere in the middle of it, things broke down, and some databases would just refuse to sync. I’d see them in the Mac, as remote, but no deal.

THEN, I did the COMPLETELY wrong thing.

Started futzing with passwords, ports, ell kinds of settings. Nothing worked.

In desperation, I wiped DTTG again from my iPhone, and tried following Jim’s advice to the letter, PLUS added my own cautionary measures. And it worked!!!

What did I do?

First, Reinstalled DTTG from scratch, rebooted the phone, restarted the Mac.
Then, went to DT’s Sync preferences on the Mac only ONCE (important) - and turned on Bonjour, with a password, and NO port.

Then I went to the phone, located the “location” (Mac), entered the password, and touched nothing else.

VERY CRITICALLY - I started syncing my databases ONE by ONE. This was a BIG eye opener for me!!!

It took a decent while for each db sync to happen, and then a fair amount of time was used by the phone app to create previews and to index.

This started giving me an idea of part of the earlier problem. I was just completely overwhelming DTTG, which was probably doing its thing, but it would take so long, that my impatience, and devices going to sleep, messed up things. On top of that, my clumsy attempts at “fixing” things only threw things even more out of whack.

So I managed to sync all databases, one by one. All is fine and dandy! And I hope to resist the attempt at futzing with settings.

One final comment, quite important: it is IMPERATIVE, when you click DTTG “edit location” to see the list of databases (with their switches) TO NOT toggle these switches right away. DTTG is still calculating things, syncing, and I did notice that the buttons might toggle and un-toggle themselves for a few seconds, until everything got stabilized.

So, wait a few seconds to have the CORRECT picture of which databases are being synced (Blue), which are not. If you start clicking these toggles before the appropriate time, you are shooting yourself in the foot. I am sure this is mostly for people with many, and large databases like myself.

Lessons learned, and sure, as someone in tech for 30+ years, I should have known I was trying to do something unfair to DTTG and DT3.

Not anymore.

And I am even more in love with these apps, and what their builders built!