Bonjour sync within office — how to prevent colleague from seeing and importing my personal databases?

I’m relying on bonjour sync within our office over a local network with a work colleague.

My Mac is acting as server, my colleague’s is client and I’ve enabled bonjour on both machines.

My colleague then enables the Local Network location corresponding to my machine in his Sync preferences but then has access to all my personal databases in addition to the work databases that I intend to share. My personal databases are showing up as available in the “Remote” section of the Bonjour syncstore.

I suspect I’m overlooking something obvious here but I would like to prevent my personal databases from being visible or syncable over this particular syncstore.

I do sync them to my other devices using CloudKit syncstore.

You could add user/password to File > Database Properties, afterwards it’s not possible anymore to import the database on other machines without these credentials.

I’m not exactly sure of your Bonjour setup, but having Bonjour set to “accept incoming” on more than one device doesn’t seem correct. In a local network, only one machine should “accept incoming”.