Book scanning service recommendation?


I’m interested in finding out from fellow DT/DTPro users who might have used book scanning services. As a graduate student I have a number of texts that would be much more useful to me if I could have them scanned to be OCRd in DTPro. I’m not sure I have need of a Scansnap scanner at this point; I only have a dozen books to scan.

I’ve searched the forums for information on book scanning services and have not found anything. Have I missed prior discussions on this topic? If not, does anyone have any recommendations?

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The ScanSnap requires unbound copy, so you would have to remove a book’s binding to use it for that purpose.

I live near a town with a large university. The local UPS (and, I think, FedEx) offices are set up to scan books for a per page charge. You might check to see if such services are available in your local area.

Thanks, Bill.

I will check with UPS. I think I recall reading that in the forums at some point.