Bookends has added ability to respond to AppleEvents

Just a heads up for anyone interested in using applescript to get DEVONthink and the excellent bibliographic reference manager Bookends working together. As of 11.2.9, Bookends can now respond to AppleEvents - this will allow it to send formatted references to requesting applications. So reference metadata can now be pulled from it via AppleScript.

This has implications for the attempts people have made to get Bookends to play nicely with DEVONthink:

For more information: … f=6&t=3122

Thank you, that’s good news. I will have a look at our Bookends template shortly.

Looking forward to this. Any developments?


We are now in close contact with the Bookends people and they have added some extras to the next version of Bookends that make tighter integration possible. I have already updated our smart template accordingly, and the next version of DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office will be able to properly work with references dragged and dropped into the database :slight_smile:

This will require an update to Bookends and to DEVONthink so please stay tuned.

This is great news!