Bookends Import

The Import Bookends References built in to DT3 no longer works.

Did something in DT3 break it? Something in Bookends? Can it be fixed?

I am seeing no issue here, so no nothing broke.

In System Settings > Privacy & Security

  • Does DEVONthink have Full Disk Access?
  • Does it have permission to automate Bookends in the Automation settings ?

That is really odd.

Yes I have those privileges set up.

I have the most recent versions of both DT3 and Bookends. I do get this entry in my log saying 0 items imported. Any other ideas why?

Perhaps the item(s) are already imported? At least that’s what happens when I try to import an e-mail twice.

That is a good thought - but as a test I just tried to import 10 very recently published articles on a topic I do not routinely follow - and still I get the entry in the DT3 log saying 0 References Imported.

I just installed Bookends on my laptop and tried it - it worked fine there.

Interestingly on the import on the laptop DT3 retrieves the names of my Bookends Groups; on my main computer it does not. So some coummunication there is not working or not authorized.

I tried creating a new Bookends library and I still have the same problem on my main computer.

The problem was an extra Demo version of Bookends under Application Support - I removed that and it works fine now

Interesting. Thanks for the follow-up.