Bookends notes stream

Can DevonThink index the Notes Stream that Bookends has? I do not know whether Bookends stores these as files or keeps them in a database.

If they’re files and there’s Spotlight support for them and Bookends is installed in /Applications, DEVONthink 2 should be able to index them.

In the forum there are various references to indexing Bookends notestreams on DTPO but I can’t find any simple account of how to. jmckeown 's query (Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:42 am) doesnt seem to have been answered by anyone who’s actually done it.

In fact what I’d like is to be able to index a Bookends database so that everything in it, notes, authors, the lot, can be searched. I can index the database but searching produces no results.

This is the only thread I can find that mentions the note stream. :question:

BE’s database is binary. All that indexing the database in DTPO does is put a link to the BE database into your DTPO database. DTPO will never be able to read the contents or sort out what’s user data.

AFAIK, the note stream is inside the database, not external. DTPO won’t be able to see it.

Korm, many thanks for what is evidently the definitive answer. Ah well, worth asking. Fortunately, BE’s search facility seems to do the job.