Bookmarking a PDF

I wonder how I can bookmark a page on a PDF with To Go. I can see the list of bookmarks and annotations, but I can only create annotations. I don’t see any way of creating bookmarks, although maybe I am missing some button tucked away somewhere in the interface.

You cannot create Bookmarks in PDFs at this time. This may be available in future releases.

Meanwhile any further plans on implementing this highly important feature?

What exactly would you like to know?

I just want to chime in. I’d really like to add/edit bookmarks in PDFs in DTTG.

Are there currently any plans to implement this?

There are no concrete plans for this at this time.

… which is surprising to me - since I can’t find any alternative suggestion Devonthink is making or hinting at in order to advise DTTG users how to quick-handle long PDF-files.

May I, then, ask you how you handle long PDF-files in DTTG, Jim and Eric?

You can copy the page link from the Share menu and create an external bookmark to accss the page.

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May I ask if the functionality has already been implemented?

Of course it is possible to find workarounds but it’s not fast and convenient.

No, no bookmarking is implemented. The previous suggestion still stands.