Bookmarking URLs from Mobile Safari

It would be nice if we could bookmark a URL from Mobile Safari into DTTG. I’ve been using the workaround of copying the URL, switching to DTTG and then creating a text note and pasting the URL in. I thought it might be possible with a Javascript bookmarklet and an appropriate iOS URL scheme, kind of like the desktop version.

Alternatively, DTTG could do like Goodreader or Instapaper and when DTTG is activated with a new URL on the clipboard (i.e., it hasn’t been seen by DTTG on the clipboard before) an option is given to add to the database as a bookmark (preferably with the option to select the location for the bookmark, but the Inbox will do in a pinch).

The bookmarklet for saving bookmarks to DEVONthink works fine with DEVONthink To Go.

So does the HTML Bookmarklet, if you had added it to Mac Safari’s Bookmarks bar and it synced to Mobile Safari’s bookmarks.

To apply a Bookmarklet to a page being viewed, just go to the Bookmarks bar and click on the Bookmark or HTML Bookmarklet. DEVONthink To Go 1.1 will open. It’s best to wait until the page is displayed before leaving DT To Go, especially for capture of an HTML page.

Ooh, I have the bookmarklets, but I didn’t know they’d work with DTTG. It might be a good idea if that was highlighted somewhere. So, which ones work? All but the PDF ones?

The ones that work, at least the ones I use, are Bookmark, HTML, and Selection. Text works, but it’s not very useful. PDF and Archive do not work.