Bookmarklet for saving as as RTF document?

Is there a bookmarklet for creating an RTF document from a webpage? I usually save either an archive or bookmark but these cannot be annotated or edited without converting them to a RTFD. If anyone has create this or knows the Javascript code to do this, that would be great.

It also would be nice to be able to batch convert webarchives and bookmarks to RTFD as well. Doing them one at a time is a bit tedious :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

If you select a URL bookmark, an HTML document or a WebArchive within your database, it will open in the built-in browser window. To convert all or a portion of the page to RTF, select the desired portion or press Command-A to Select All. Now Control-click (right click) within the selection, and choose the contextual menu option, “Capture Note”. A rich text conversion will be saved in the same group.

If you open the bookmark, HTML page or WebArchive within its own window by double-clicking, the rich text note captured as above will be sent to the database Inbox.

If you are using a Cocoa-based browser (e.g., Safari) you can select the desired portion of a Web page and press the keyboard shortcut Command-) to capture the selected area as a rich text document in the frontmost open database. That cannot be done in Firefox or other browsers that do not recognize OS X Services.

Thanks Bill for this. I also discovered that I can select a number of Webarchives or HTML pages and then either right click and select Convert to Rich Text or I can select the Convert from the Convert from Data drop down menu. This works great for a batch of articles.

However, it does not work for Bookmarks. Yes, I can select these and create RTF Notes, but there is no way to batch convert a group of bookmarks into RFT it seems.

The reason I want to know is that I usually collect lots of bookmarks or Web Archives (I usually archive news pieces as these may disappear or change on the web). Then I like to go back and read things in more depth, add links as notes, highlight things, etc. So converting a batch of bookmarks to RTF the way I can with HTML and Webarchives would be handy.


Which browser do you use? If it’s Safari or any other WebKit-based browser, you could simply use Services > DEVONthink (pro) > Take Rich Note.