Bookmarks: bugs

If you have a bookmark on the desktop and sync it with DTGO 2.0 it needs to be converted before it loads on the app. For me this is a bug.

I can’t reproduce this, are you using an indexed .webloc bookmark located on the desktop? What’s the URL?

Thanks Christian for the replay. I am using a bookmarkxx.weblock as in the attachment.
Strange behavior.
la (843 Bytes)

Thanks for the bookmark. Working as expected, no matter whether imported or indexed or whether automatic or manual sync is enabled.

Which iPhone/iPad and which version of iOS do you use?

Thank you for your reply.
I have Third generation iPad (model A1430 wifi+Cellular) and the latest iOs System (9.3.3).
Anytime I try to access a web address copied from the desktop app (xxx.webloc) the iOs webkit spins endlessly. If I convert the address (in the iOs App) to Bookmark it works.
I hope you can solve the mystery.


PS. I converted a xx.webloc in iOs, sync, and compared in the desktop the two files with Bbedit: they are identical!

Here is the text of the two files:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> URL

Is the URL of the item (see Info popover on iOS or Info panel on macOS) identical to the one of the bookmark?

Could you please use the Feedback function in DEVONthink To Go to get us the console.log? Maybe we can find something enlightening there.

in iOs in the InfoPanel if I click on the little icon of a compass Safari opens and the address works perfectly. It is inside DTTGO 2.0 that the url does not work.

I have send the console etc. to the support address. Let me know.
Thank you.