Bookmarks From Firefox Not Importing

I wanted to import my bookmarks from Firefox. What was imported was only a small fraction of all my bookmarks (I believe those that came with Ff when it was freshly installed).

After looking I found two places for bookmarks in my Firefox user folder: a file named “bookmarks.html” (which hasn’t been changed in over a year) and another one named “places.sqlite”, which contains all my bookmarks. It seems DT imports the wrong file here.

How can I import my bookmarks from places.sqlite?

Found a solution: exporting the bookmarks from firefox to html, name the resulting file bookmarks.html and overwrite the existing file of the same name (in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/) worked.

I answer to myself not out of madness but for reference, if someone has the same problem. :wink:

… that matches what I was going to suggest you might try. :slight_smile: