I read PDF files (textbooks with over 1000 pages each) and often want to jump to different sections of the document (e.g. table of content, index, or a specific chapter). Most times, the PDF file does not have built-in bookmarks. I would like to manually create bookmarks to whatever parts of the document that I would like to jump to. GoodReader has this specific feature which I am currently using.

Noted but no promises.

+1. This would be helpful for me as at the moment what I do is to create a small note which works well but bookmarks wold be better in a lot of cases.

+1 as well.

I’d love to see this, too. This would pretty eliminate using another PDF app in my workflow. As it is, I have use DEVOnthink as a repository, rather than an editing tool.

+1 for this very useful feature

You can already create bookmarks (item links) pointing to a specific page in a PDF on the Mac. We might add this feature also to iOS.

I just had the same issue explained above so I wonder if this feature is still on your list?

All the best!

If you are on a page in a PDF and touch the Share menu, there is an option to Copy Page Link. This could be added to another file.

If you tap on the thumbnail icon while viewing a PDF, three tabs are visible: All, Annotated, and Bookmarked. The Bookmarked tab is always empty of course. But this must mean that this feature is coming soon, correct?

Not necessarily, and “soon” means different things to different people. :smiley:

I open the file(from Devonthink) in PDFExpert or PDFOutliner and create the bookmarks/outline items. The bookmarks/outline items are then viewable with Preview.

This would be really nice. Honestly I’m rather surprised it’s not available.

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Jep - I just wanted to move my PDF collection(s) to DT-Server, but without bookmarks it is quite pointless…

Is there any effort bringing that feature to DT? If not: does anyone know a good software to let me sync, bookmark and search PDFs (like PDF-Expert, but where I can group my collections and search in these collections)?

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It’s at least planned for future releases.

+1 as well.