Good news:  I was delighted to find a menu item for importing my bookmarks (from Safari).

Bad news:  I can’t find where they went and the Help file says DA doesn’t support bookmarks.

Question:  Huh?


Once you import them, perform any search in a query window, open a page. Under the “Results -> add to crawler” menu you’ll see your bookmarks. You can select them and add them to the crawler.

Open a new crawler from the file menu and they should be in the side bar.

You can do custom searches of targeted sites (of your grouped/selected bookmarks) this way.

It may be simpler to simply open a new crawler after you import them, without the new search . :wink:


Bookmarks are currently converted to crawler sets. Choose "New Crawler" and you should see them again. In addition, a future release will provide real bookmarks (as a menu or drawer) and then this will be more obvious.