Boolean NEAR term not accurate with multiple conditions

I just tried searching (cop OR police OR “law enforcement”) NEAR/3 accountab*. But it doesn’t actually work - i get a lot of results with the necessary words, but the former options aren’t within 3 words of the latter.

Results like… ? Screen caps showing the search and results would likely be helpful.

Or even better documents to reproduce this.

I wish there were a way to only show the hits that met the NEAR operator requirement. When I try “furthering NEAR/5 development”, I get the only the documents that have them within five words of each other, but I also get tons of other hits in that same document.

The document is OCRd.

CTG_Lesson2_Final.pdf (4.8 MB)

Which version do you use? The current beta (3.0beta3) displays only two hits and both of them are correct.

I’m only getting the two hits as well.