Box and NSURLErrorDomain -1015 (Cannot decode raw data)

This past weekend, I decided to clean some unneeded material out one of my sync stores, which is housed in my university-held Box account. After cleaning the location of everything, I tried adding the one item I wanted to sync via Box, my Global Inbox. Now, though, nothing will sync to that account. I can create a sync store. I can verify a sync store. But whenever I attempt to sync anything to the store, I get the error mentioned in the subject.

Has anyone else encountered this? FWIW, I also tried clearing the DTPO cache (I’m using version 2.9.17 on 10.12.6), but that doesn’t seem to have made any difference. I also don’t have any difficulty uploading, downloading or otherwise manipulating files in the same account using Transmit. I’d appreciate any suggestions…


This is an issue on Box’s end of things. We are working on a workaround for the next maintenance release. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for the speedy reply, Jim, and for letting me know that you all are already preparing a workaround. I figured this was probably a Box issue, and partly for that reason, I spent a good amount of time poking around in the Box settings this weekend to see whether there was some new flag that I had to untick. No dice.

Anyway, I can be patient, especially since the Global Inbox syncing isn’t mission critical for me. After all, I can always directly sync my laptop and DTTG with my main computer.

Thanks again,

Thanks for the patience and support. Our CTO noticed it this morning and we all verified the behavior independently.

Just send me an email if you’re interested in a beta.

Hello everybody!!

I had the same problem with the Box sync. Some of the lastest documents I added to the databases are missed.

What kind of error is logged (see Windows > Log)?

A small update that the proprietors probably already have. Box sync works again, presumably because of some backend change on Box’s part. Given that whatever it was they changed might change again, I’ll still look forward to the next version of DT.


Thanks for the heads-up!