I rely heavily on for cloud syncing my DEVONthink databases (I don’t use Box,com for anything else).

I have heard rumors (from the DEVONthink releae notes???) that will stop syncing DEVONthink in the near future. :frowning:

What is a good replacement cloud syncing service? I live in Oceania, so servers in the Asia-Pacific region might be the best.

ps: I can’t use Dropbox, because I use Dropbox for my normal file syncing and used up most of my allowance (plus I don’t want to have “all eggs in one basket”).

It’s not a rumor and it’s not stopping “syncing DEVONthink”. They’re dropping WebDAV services, so DEVONthink will not be able to sync with them after that.

Outside Dropbox there only other directly supported service is CloudMe, which has a WebDAV connection. You perhaps want to look at this blog post: … with-sync/

Thanks for the pointers.

have you experience with the hosted solution of

I haven’t personally, but I also haven’t had any support complaints about it either.

Thanks. I might give them a shot.

BTW, do you know where tells us that they stop supporting WebDAV on existing accounts? … ba-p/55684

That says it clear as day - which is unfortunate: I had hoped that existing customers might keep their WebDAV access…

Thanks heaps for digging it up.

You’re welcome. sync works to this day. I used it a few minutes before I deleted DTTG off my iPhone trying to troubleshoot a problem. There is no option to add back to my sync. Can it be added back to the app by the developers since still actually works?

Please clarify as Box suspended WebDAV syncing a long time ago.

If you click the link you posted above, you’ll find that they never followed through on their announcement to discontinue WebDAV service. They have pushed it off to an unknown date in the future, after a subsequent announcement is made. I can verify I synced a note with from iPhone to iPad a few minutes before I deleted DTTG off my phone earlier today.

Given that their plan is to still suspend WebDAV, it is unlikely we will “resupport” it.

Is their a benefit in supporting a specific WebDAV implementation?

WebDAV is an open protocol based on IETF standards like RFC 4918. What would the support do?

It’s not about supporting a specific WebDAV implementation. It’s about supporting Box when they have announced more than once their intention to deprecate WebDAV. Even if they seem to have postponed suspending its demise, there is no word to the contrary regarding the deprecation.

I understand the potential problem with supporting a specific product if it’s unsure whether the supplier is committed to keep delivering it, but WebDAV is an open RFC standard (or at least that’s what it’s intended to be).

It’s like supporting Bluetooth from device A or WiFi from device B, but the device or software supplier should be irrelevant if the protocol used is standardized.

Might someone start a completely new cloud service and offer WebDAV as the RFC describes, shouldn’t it work as a location for a sync store?

Yes, and this is a possibility. If there are settings for a WebDAV connection published, someone could add a connection on their own. I am referring to DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go having a built-in template like we do for iCloud, Dropbox, and CloudMe. Some people already do this with MagentaCloud, who we used to have a built-in template but removed it due to too many reports of issues.