sync in 2023?

Hi all,

I’m just curious if anyone routinely uses synchronization now and what that looks like? (e.g. just a local vault in the box sync folder or via some API-based connection?)

Neil long ago removed the WebDAV feature from their services so there is no official sync with DEVONthink and it.

Not quite what you’re asking, perhaps, but I use DT to index synced folders. I haven’t had any issues with DT indexing those folders.

One small note - if you use DTTG, you can end up with syncing duplication (i.e., the Box app on iOS syncs the files in its sandbox, and DTTG syncs them a second time if it is set to download everything in its sandbox).

Are you saying this leads to duplicated documents or it’s just each one is doing their own syncing?

Ha. Fair point. I will rephrase: two apps are each doing their job, in syncing the files I have asked them to sync.

The net result is two (identical) sets of large quantities of data uploaded to two different syncing services. Again, that is what I am asking them to do. Crucially, everything works, and editing a file in DT, DTTG, Box, and propagates across every device appropriately.

Gotcha. Thanks for the follow-up :slight_smile:

Actually, just to clarify a bit further, a single large set of files on the computer is uploaded/synced to two different destinations. Again, it all works, and the doubled sync is expected, just something to be aware of.