brainstorm: How could DT profit from a Quicksilver plugin

As requests for quicksilver support start to pile here in the forum, I’d like to ask all expert QS users out there: How could DT usage benefit from a flexible set of QS plugins?

At the moment, I only use QS to perform instant internet searches, launch files, write email, update contact info, rename files. But I find the text mode increasingly useful. Bringing up QS with one keystroke, pressing “.” and hacking away before sending this as an email is so convenient that I wonder how to implement this my DT workflow.

Since I just started to lifehack my way into QS (there is a great tutorial on lifehacker), I am a bit short for concrete usage scenarios right now, but after a few days of using QS, I thought / dreamed of a few things, possible additions to workflows?

Once a robust, fully-featured QS plugin exists…

  • we’d suffer no (or less) need for apple script solutions, because QS can build complex “triggers”
  • keyboard shortcuts can be defined and changed to every whim of the ‘geek in need’, power user, of course
  • Bill can concentrate on more important questions than the frequent requests for “more support of application X” in the forum, because QS offers a bridge to many apps already…
  • quickly adding any file to DT is possible even without the program being open
  • very complex workflows across multiple programs can be created and assigned to triggers - imagine selecting a pdf file in the database and invoking a QS trigger to pull the file to the desktop, open it with pdflab and splitting it up into multiple files… (is this actually possible wih QS? just thinking…)
  • any DT database can be browsed from within DT, as it is currently possible with the iTunes library… - open a specific file, batch renaming file names etc…
  • a highlighted text can be saved to multiple programs at once (e.g. to bookends, if Jon jumped on the QS train, and DT simultaneously)

this is just the result of a first brainstorm. I am aware that a few ideas for QS implementation already exist, but while the latter post describes important “bread and butter” functions such as adding a text file, I wonder how workflows with more extensive QS support might look like. Do they actually exist? Would it actually make sense, and add value to our existing toolset, e.g. justify the effort it would nonetheless take to develop it?

All the best,

…a very interesting response: none at all. After playing around with quicksilver a little bit more since my last post, I have to admit that I can’t convince myself to use it in conjunction with DT on a daily basis. The only thing I am missing so far is being able to access the “move to” - command, because it is only a contextual menu option. So farewell, quicksilver - a minority user problem, at the moment.


I’ve been able to achieve some basic QS automation of DT Personal using Proxy objects.

I expect that the AppleScript interface in Pro/Office will allow more.